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Creating a Content Cart Ad
Creating a Content Cart Ad

Revolutionise your eCommerce and create new revenue streams with Vudoo’s Content Cart feature.

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Understanding Content Cart

Let's start with the basics. Imagine a world where you can complete a purchase right within an ad, without being redirected to another page. With Content Cart, that's exactly how it works. Audiences can click on an ad, input their payment and shipping details, finish the checkout process, and smoothly return to the content they were enjoying – all without leaving the page.

For publishers, this means you can retain users on your website whilst still driving advertising and affiliate marketing campaigns. And for advertisers, Content Cart can enhance conversion rate by shortening the path to purchase and increasing the likelihood of checkout.

Creating a Content Cart Ad

Creating your own Content Cart ad is a breeze. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Begin your Project: From your Dashboard, click on the 'create project' button, and select 'Content Cart'.

  1. Name your Project: Give your Content Cart project a name that aligns with its purpose. You can also jot down any useful notes. Hit the save button to move to the next section

  2. Select your Catalogue: Depending on the eCommerce platform you've integrated with, you'll see your various product catalogues appear here. If there is no product catalogue, you can set it up in Asset Library, here is the link on how to set it up. Choose the one that you want to work with for your campaign

  3. Pick your Product: Browse through the products in your chosen catalogue and select the one you want to showcase in your ad

4. Customise your Ad: Now comes the fun part! Your product will automatically be displayed as an ad format and you can tweak its appearance to match your brand

  • Button and Text Colours: Play with the colours to make the ad visually appealing.

  • Price Display: Toggle the price display on or off according to your preference.

  • Terms & Conditions: If needed, you can add terms and conditions that are relevant to your promotion.

  • Size it right: Choose the perfect size for your ad from a range of dimensions including:

    • Half page (300x600)

    • Large mobile banner (320x100)

    • Large rectangle (336x280)

    • Leaderboard (728x90)

    • Medium rectangle (300x250)

Ready to Launch!

Exciting times! Your ad is almost ready to make its debut. But before you unleash it to the world, make sure you:

Preview your creation: Click on the 'preview' button to see exactly how your ad will look to your audience. This gives you the chance to fine-tune any last-minute detail.

Publish like a Pro: Once you're satisfied with your creation, it's time to publish. Simply copy the provided embed snippet, and paste it onto your webpage CMS. Voilà! Your Content Cart ad is now live and ready to engage your audience like never before.

Not quite ready? No worries, hit that save button up the top so all your creative efforts are safe and sound

Picked the wrong product? We’ve all been there. Just click ‘change product’ to revisit the catalogue page and make a different selection

And there you have it - an easy way to unleash the power of Vudoo's Content Cart feature. Elevate the eCommerce game, retain visitors on your site, and make shopping an even more seamless and enjoyable experience. Happy selling!

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