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Setting up catalogs and products in the Asset Library
Setting up catalogs and products in the Asset Library

How to use the Commerce section of the Asset Library.

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The new Commerce section of the Asset Library is automatically appended to the dashboard. This is where you can import products.

How it works

To use this section, you’ll need to create a catalog. This allows you to utilize the shoppable feature within your video content.

The first step is to name your catalog. You will then be taken to a screen where you can import your products. Note: Vudoo products don't affect a commerce vendor’s product data.

Through commerce integrations (which you can set up via the Integration Manager), you can connect to your commerce instance and import your products into the Vudoo platform. This is the same for all other commerce providers. You’ll be shown both simple and configurable products.

Once you’ve imported a product, you’ll have a cached version of the product from your commerce provider. This is cached on the Vudoo servers. Any updates to the actual product itself (not including price, which is dynamic) will need to be updated manually. Note: During Phase 2 of shoppable, a refresh button will be added. For now, you have to remove a product from the catalog and re-add it.

Catalogs are best used to keep things organized by campaign. You can import the same product into different catalogs, depending on what your business is focusing on at any one time.


I can't see my commerce button in my Asset Library?

Make sure you add your Commerce integration first. You can learn more about the Integration Manager here.

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We only support simple and configurable products. If your product is a virtual product then it won't be displayed in search results.

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