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How to use Commerce interactions in the video editor
How to use Commerce interactions in the video editor

A guide to making the most of the Commerce interactions.

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If someone has a commerce integration, then a shoppable pin will appear in the interaction section.


Much like adding an interactive pin in Vudoo, you will need to click on the “add shoppable pin” button within the interactions section of the video editor to use the commerce interaction.


Like any other pin, you can change the style, name and pin position, as well as the duration. There is now a product section where you can attach a product to the pin. The pin will then be generated and you can edit it as per normal.

What will be shown

In the first release, a direct checkout is available - in the second release, a shopping cart will be available. Please note: Only one product per video is supported for the current release.

For configurable products, consumers will be able to edit their size/color/other variations, whereas for simple products they will not be able to do so*.

Users can add their credit card details and shipping details within the shoppable window, and they will be presented with shipping options. Once they’ve submitted their information, they will be shown a summary, after which they can confirm their payment, which will create an order. Finally, a successful order screen will be shown.

*Further releases will build on the current functionality.

Terms and conditions customizations

There are 2 sections in the ‘Video Settings’ tab, checkout legals and video legals. These sections contain disclaimers and privacy policy links, as well as a terms of use for the video. These can be customized by the Merchant based on their store policies and terms (screenshots below).


No products are displayed when I try to attach a product to my shoppable pin?

To avoid this issue, Make sure you have imported at least one product in one of your catalogs.

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