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Vudoo Asset Library Beta Release FAQs
Vudoo Asset Library Beta Release FAQs
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What is the difference between videos and interactive projects?

You can now upload videos to the Asset Library and create projects in your dashboard without a relationship between the two. This decoupling was introduced to separate physical video files from the interactive projects they were previously linked with. This also laid the groundwork for a release in the near future that will allow you to reuse video files, clone video files, swap out video files within projects and much more.

Why can I only see videos and no other assets like overlays or images?

This is a beta release of the Asset Library, and at present it only supports video files, as these are the only recognised asset type. Future releases will see other file types like images, interactions, branding fonts/icons and overlay templates supported, as well as any other resources that are used to make up your interactive video.

Can I upload more than one video?

At the current time, platform users can upload up to five videos simultaneously into the Asset Library.

Can I upload videos in folders?

Videos can be uploaded to any folder and will remain there until moved.

Can I cancel a video upload?

You can cancel a video upload at any time.

Can I leave the Asset library while a video is uploading?

Once you start a video upload you’ll notice a media progress window pop up in the bottom left corner. This will display two states while each upload is in progress:

1. A progress count - 0 - 100%. (Please do not close your browser window)

This shows when your video is uploading from your computer to the Vudoo servers. At this point in the process, you can’t close or navigate away from the current page.

2. A loading spinner

This is the encoding state. You can now close or navigate away from the Asset Library. Once your upload(s) become available on the Vudoo servers, background processes take care of the encoding of each video file, so you can click away from the Asset Library.

What are Asset Library folders?

Just like your computer's operating system, the Vudoo Asset Library has a neat way of organising your files in folders. This will come in handy when you are creating multiple campaigns at once, A-B testing your content or just looking for a way to keep your assets organised and categorised.

Can I create sub folders to organise my campaigns?

You can create as many sub folders as you need to keep your project assets organised.

Can I delete folders I created?

Yes, if they are empty. Any empty folder can be deleted. Folders with assets inside of them are locked to prevent accidental deletion, which could cause issues if you’re working on a project.

When I create a folder, why can't I see those folders in my dashboard?

Asset Library folders are contained within the Asset Library only. Your dashboard view only displays your interactive projects. An upcoming release in the near future will allow you to also organise your dashboard using folders.

Why are my videos disabled in the new project screen when I choose Asset Library?

This may seem confusing, but it’s a limitation of the beta release and will be solved with an upcoming release. At present, the beta release of the Asset Library only allows for a video to be attached to one interactive project. An upcoming release will allow you to reuse the one video in multiple projects.

Why do I have more or less videos in my Asset Library than interactive projects in my dashboard?

You may create interactive projects on your dashboard but not attach any videos to them as yet and come back at a later date. Alternatively, you may want to upload multiple videos but not create any interactive projects yet

I just deleted my project. Why is my video now available to new projects?

If you have a project with a video attached, then you might come across this. Once you delete that project, the video that was attached will now become available to use in another project.

If I delete an asset from my Asset Library is it gone for good?

Your asset file/resource will be archived and can be recovered. At present you will need to request a recovery from your Vudoo administrator.

Can I delete a video file that is in use and attached to a project?

Videos that are attached to projects must be detached from the associated interactive project before they are available to be deleted.

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