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Welcome To The Asset Library
Welcome To The Asset Library

Need an easy way to store your videos? Vudoo’s Asset Library allows you to organise your video assets for use in your video content.

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Need an easy way to store your videos? Vudoo’s Asset Library allows you to organise your video assets for use in your video content. You’ll be able to see all your videos in this asset library, so you can make the most of Vudoo’s platform.

How can I access the Asset Library?

Whenever you enter a dashboard, you’ll see a menu item titled “Your Assets”. Clicking on this will take you to go to the Asset Library. Once you click on it, you’ll be taken to the Asset Library, where you can see all the videos that you’ve uploaded.

Options shown when you click on the Asset Library include a search function, an upload function, a view of the folders that you have created/uploaded and an ability to adjust the size of the thumbnails using a slider.

What information is shown in the Asset Library?

When you click on a video in your asset library, you’ll be shown a preview of the video (without interactions), the file name and the technical specifications for the video (see screenshot below).

How can I organise my videos?

Videos can be placed in folders, meaning you can group videos by campaign - useful for when putting together branching video content. To create a folder, you click “new”, then “folder”.

Once you’ve created a folder, you can upload videos to that folder. Your folders will also show in the sidebar of the Asset Library, as well as the home page of the Asset Library, so you can see what folders are in the library at a glance.

How To Upload Videos To The Asset Library

Uploading videos to the Asset Library is simple.

When you click the “new” button, you’ll be given an option to upload relevant video files. You can either upload individual/multiple videos, or folders that have videos in them - a great option for keeping your content organised. If you upload a video while you have a folder open, then the video will be uploaded to that folder.

You can track the upload status using the pop-up that appears - especially useful for when you’re uploading multiple files at once. At present, you can upload five videos simultaneously.

Using Your Asset Library To Create Video Content

When you go to create a new video, you’ll have the option to open your Asset Library to find the relevant assets.

Once you click on the “Asset Library” button, you’ll see a pop-up where you can see what videos are in the library, as well as a search function if you’re looking for something in particular. Clicking on a video, and then the insert button, means you can use the footage to create your next interactive video!

Using The Search Function

The search function allows you to search for videos by name, which can come in handy when you’re building campaigns. You can also adjust the size of the thumbnails shown using the sliders. The search function will also search any folders you’ve uploaded/created within the Asset Library.

‘No results’ meaning in Asset Library

If you’re unable to find the video/s you’re looking for, it’s important to check your search terms. Double-check your spelling, and try again.

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