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Delete a Video from the dashboard
Delete a Video from the dashboard

Removing content from the Dashboard

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The Delete button for a video will be only available to the 'Super Admin' and 'Global Admin' roles that are set up when the dashboard is created.


This is to prevent content from being removed from the dashboard that should not be removed, allowing only the two types of users access to remove the content.


Vudoo Customer Success Manager will have the ability to remove content upon written request from the customer.

Super Admin and Global Admin roles have the ability to delete content within their dashboard. Hover the mouse over the selected video and a delete button will appear in the top right corner.

If the dashboard is in list view it will be available with the other options.

The delete button will appear as a 'Rubbish Bin' icon.

Select the delete icon and the Vudoo platform will prompt with a secondary notification to confirm the delete process before removing the content.

Select 'Delete' to confirm the removal of the asset.


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