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Images must have text alternatives to outline the information that is represented within the image itself.

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Graphics and images within the videos make the content stand out and help to provide even more value for the viewers. To ensure that the images are easy to understand for all people with various disabilities.

How to include the alternative text for an image:

  • When uploading an image within the Vudoo overlay feature, follow the steps to select a template or to create your own template

  • Either select 'add image' or select 'add element' and select the image option

  • It will then take the user to the image library where a new image can be uploaded or one selected from the current library options

  • Select the 'add/plus' icon on the image to select the specific image required

  • Once the image is chosen over on the right side of the screen 'Image Accessibility' will prompt for the image title and alt, the alternative text to allow the image to meet the accessibility requirements.

Why use accessible images:

  • Accessible images are useful in many situations such as people using screen readers, as the text alternative can be read aloud

  • People using speech input software have the ability to put the focus on the image with a voice command

  • Images become indexable by search engines and will increate Search engine optimisation

The text alternative is required to be determined when the image/s are uploaded and this will be dependant on the usage of the image, the context and the content of what the image contains. This is due to the exact colour and pattern of the image, such as an outfit the figure is wearing, may not be as relevant to what is actually occurring in the image. A shorter description will reduce potential confusion and information overload.

Image Examples:

  • Informative images such as photos and pictures should be a short description conveying the image.

  • Decorative images, used to add decorative visuals to the page should have no alternative text. The 'title' and 'alt' are to be left blank

  • Functional images should have the alternative text read the specific function only. For example the image is to run, put 'run' in the 'alt' field

  • Text images, if the picture contains text, the alternative text should contain the exact same wording

  • Complex images such as a diagram should convey the full text equivalent in the 'alt' field provided

  • Multiple images will require the text to describe the images as a whole

  • Map images will need to have a description about the area and purpose

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