How to get videos to autoplay on the website?

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When sharing the interactive video within the landing page or product pages within the website, Vudoo offers an embed code that can easily be copied to allow for a seamless embed process. There are size options for the video that can be selected as well as an autoplay option, depending on the requirements and objectives of the video within the website.

  • Under the 'Publish' tab at the top right of the editing suite

  • 4 sharing options are offered, Link, Embed, eMail and Social.

  • Select 'Embed'

  • The Embed code will automatically be provided under this option

  • To change the size of the video or to allow for the Autoplay function, selected the 'player size' drop down option to make a selection

  • Select the 'Copy Code' button and the embed code will be automatically copied and ready to be embedded into the website


Selecting Default (640x360) Autoplay will be the most common option for an Autoplay function within the website

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