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How to Gather Insights from Interactive Video
How to Gather Insights from Interactive Video

Using video to sell more products, get customers, or drive more visitors to your store or site? Insights are the key.

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You have now launched your Vudoo Interactive Video? Awesome, this is the time to celebrate!

If you are anything like us here at Vudoo, you would be keen as mustard to be watching the video analytics to understand how successful that video is right from the start.

The video metrics is very important in understanding the success of the video and all of the hard work that went into creating this piece of content. By adding the interactive elements at points during the video, it will allow the analytics to start to share the viewer behaviour further compared to just a passive video.

The analytics will provide powerful analytics, resulting in less guess work for your next video and more actionable insights

INFO: To learn more, feel free to check out our Vudoo blog on interactive video insights:

Vudoo's 2 must haves when putting together a video success review:

  • Always have an objective for the video. What are the aims for this video, is there any specific metrics and goals that will allow success to be measured. How have other videos or content been received and measured previously? Is there any data from this to assist for comparison?

  • Vudoo recommends measuring more than one metric. Do not just measure the amount of views or the retention rate of the video. The interactivity of the video will allow for the viewer behaviours to be identified. Using these findings to learn from, improve, alter and direct future video strategies will be the path to the ultimate success.

Putting these into consideration will help take a passive video to an engaged video, measuring the success will be even greater.

Understanding the insights from your interactive Video:

View Rate

The number of times a video is played

Completion rate

Percentage of viewers who actually watched your video to the end

Retention rate

At what point do the viewers stop watching the video

Interaction rate

This measures which links or information have the viewers engaged with in the video

Lead Generation or Conversion Rate

This is the process of turning prospects into leads or sales.

Custom analytics

This is by creating your own forms, connections, polls, traffic and referral sources, locations of views and real time management of the insights gained.

A great starting point to put together an interactive video success plan could be to start with a template such as below and work to build it out further depending on the direction of the objectives:

Project Details




Distribution channels



Success Metrics




Our team is on hand ready to speak with you about putting together a success plan with you for the video, please let us know if you are interested and the Vudoo team will happily work with you to achieve a success metric plan.

We love this sort of thing. We’ve got you covered! Our friendly team is on hand to help at <> or call 1300 4 VUDOO.

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