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Making video content accessible to people with low vision or who are blind

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People who are blind, people with low vision who cannot see the screen, as well as those with cognitive limitations who have difficulty interpreting visually what is happening within Video content will often use audio description of the visual information. The Audio description of video provides information about actions, characters, scene changes, on-screen text, and other visual content.

For further information on Audio description accessibility please refer to the WCAG website here

The opportunity to include the audio description track within your Vudoo videos is available to ensure you are able to provide people who are visually impared or blind access to your video content. Once the track is uploaded, the viewer will have the option to select this function on the video. The Audio Description file must be previously created prior to this process, the Vudoo platform does not create the audio description for videos.

Tip: The audio description needs to provide contextual information relating to what is happening on-screen as well as the original/default track in one audio stream

Uploading an Audio Description track to your video

  • Within the Vudoo editing suite, under the Interactions tab, ‘Audio Tracks’ will be available for selection

Info: Viostream, Ooyala and Brightcove do not have audio tracks function

  • When selecting this, a ‘Drag and drop’ option will be presented to allow for the Audio description file to be uploaded at this point

Info :Your Audio Description must be in MP3, MP4, MOV and WAV file and must not be larger than 5GB

  • There is an option to drag and drop the file or to select the ‘Choose file’ button, which will open up from the local computer file selected

Tip: Audio track will be required to be the same duration as the video or longer

  • Select ‘open’ once the correct file is chosen

  • Information on the Audio track will be prompted within the next screen, requiring a language of the audio description to be selected

Tip: If the specific language is not listed within the list provided, there is an option to select ‘Custom’ and add the name of the specific language as required

  • The type of track will also be required to be selected - Audio Description, Audio translation or Audio Commentary

Info : Both the language and the type of track will be available for the viewer to select from when watching the video, so be sure to provide this information.

  • Select ‘add track’ once this has been completed

  • The Audio description page will then provide a list of all the tracks that had been uploaded for that particular video

  • It can be previewed by selecting ‘preview’ relating to that specific audio track

  • It can be edited by hovering over the required track and select ‘click to edit’ - replacing the file, deleting and editing the language or the track will be available at that point

  • Select the track that requires to publish by ticking the checkbox next to the specific track, or by choosing ‘Select all’ along the top bar options to select all the tracks uploaded

  • Select ‘Publish’ to publish the track/s chosen or select ‘unpublish’ or ‘delete’ if the track is no longer required

  • Each track will show ‘unpublished’ or ‘published’ to share the status of the tracks

  • Once finished and the tracks are all selected to be published that are required, select ‘Im done’

Tip: The ‘sort by’ option will allow you to sort the tracks in a specific order if required

In the output, the video will show a microphone icon in the bottom right corner, next to the closed captions if they are included within the video, the viewer can then select the audio description track specific to their requirements.

Info: Legacy video will have audio tracks widget only if they were uploaded after June 30th 2020 and are M3u8 videos

Help: Still stuck? Our friendly team is on hand to help at <> or call 1300 4 VUDOO.

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