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Sharing your interactive video
How to Publish my Interactive Video
How to Publish my Interactive Video

I have added the interactions, now how do I publish my video?

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When you have uploaded your video to the account within the Vudoo platform, some options will be made available to be selected:

  • Edit

  • Publish

  • Analytics

Publishing the video will provide each prompt that is required to be followed depending on the requirements. If there is any additional information that is required at this point contact as the team will be very willing to assist with any additional requirements.

Select the 'Publish' option and it will open the page to provide with a selections of options to publish the video such as:

  • Link

  • Embed

  • eMail

  • Social

Depending on how the video is required to be published, each option can be selected. If a viewable link is required, select the 'Link' option.


'Copy link' and 'View Link' will both be provided, from here the link can be shared or communicated .


Embed code can be selected and this will provide the code required for embedding into a website if required. The player size can be selected and the size within the code will change depending on the requirements. The default is 640x360. Selecting the 'copy code' button will allow the code to be selected.

Turning on the SEO option at this point will help to index the video within the search engine. Vudoo recommend turning on the SEO function and providing 52 characters for the title and 1000 characters for the description.

Email is an option to select for the video to be communicated, type the email address of the recipient in the email box and the video will be communicated.

The ability to share the video directly to three social channels such as:

  • LinkedIn

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

Is made easy by selecting the 'Social' option here and selecting a social media channel.

The channel will be opened with the video prepared, ready for the post to be finished within the social channel selected.

If at any point there are questions or further assistance required, the Vudoo team are always available to assist by calling 1300 816 025 or emailing

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