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What is an Overlay or Checkpoint
What is an Overlay or Checkpoint

About: Interactions - Overlay & Checkpoint

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An overlay, or checkpoint, is a pop up box that appears in the interactive video. This can be either a voluntary or involuntary interaction, meaning that it can appear by itself as part of the video without the viewer doing anything, or by the viewer clicking on a prompt, such as a pin.


An involuntary interaction would be forcing the checkpoint to come up at the end of the video as a data capture technique.


  • This interaction is best used for forms such as signing up to a newsletter, engaging the viewers through polling or collecting form data, subscribing to a service, or showcasing a product in further detail.

  • It’s a great way to capture information, and can be placed at any point through the video.

  • Ending the video with an overlay is a great way to finish a video, and offer more information at the end.

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