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A pin is a clickable pulse, label, or invisible hotspot interaction that can be placed anywhere on your video. A pin is best placed at a point in the video where a call to action would heighten the video’s engagement. It can be personalised in several ways, from aesthetics to functionality.


Stylise the pin so that it complements the company branding or video. This will enhance the engagements within your video

  • Setting - choose where and when the pin appears and disappears. Give the pin a name and choose a pulse, a hotspot or just a standard pin


Always stay within the safe zone when placing a pin to be sure that your interaction works on all devices

  • Style - make the pin stand out by personalising it. What is the message on the pin? Try different font styles, and label colours to find the best for the video


If you need a specific colour or font that is not yet provided, please get in touch with our Customer Success team and we will gladly look after your request

  • Action - choose what the pin will do. Clicking on the pin could prompt an ‘overlay’, a ‘link out’ to another video or webpage, or a ‘jump to’. With ‘no action’ selected the pin can also simply act as a ‘flag’ to bring attention to a certain point within the video


  • Overlay - Pauses the video and launches an overlay. Customise the overlay to make it stand out. Closing the overlay resumes your video

  • Jump to - Jumps to a given time within the current video

  • Link out - Links to a webpage, email address or phone number

  • Link to video - Links to another Vudoo video


to learn more about adding a pin, click here.

Still stuck? We’ve got you covered! Our friendly team is on hand to help at <support@vudoo.com> or call 1300 4 VUDOO.

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