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Add polling to your videos
Add polling to your videos
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Polling allows for further engagement with the audience. Use it to create polls to track level of knowledge or understanding, as well as providing insight into viewer behaviour.

  • Create a pin with an overlay or go to checkpoint 

  • Once in the template of the overlay/checkpoint

  • Select “Add Element”

  • To add polling, click on the polling segment 

  • In Setting type in the name of the poll


Poll name is important to fill out for analytical purposes, especially when using it for learning and development reasons. 

  • Click on the tab next to Settings, called Fields

  • Type out the the Polling question 

  • Then add in the  “Answers”, this will provide the viewer with different options to choose from  

  • To edit the polling options, you click on the wording under “Edit Poll Options”. This is where you are able to correct spelling and grammar, add in options and remove options. 

  • Moving on to the actions for the polling, you can decide on a date range that would require the polling to be answered. 

  • There is the ability to have multiple answers be the option, by clicking on the toggle to switch it on. 

  • There is the option to have answering the poll compulsory. If you do this, the viewers will not be able to resume in the video until they answer the questions. 

  • Once you’ve created the poll, you can click on the “Set and Done” button to take you back to editing your checkpoint. 



If you are creating a checkpoint that includes polling and a Vudoo Form, advise your viewers to answer the poll first. If they fill out the form first, the polling will not work. Alternatively, you could create two seperate checkpoints, one with polling and a second with a Vudoo form. 

Click here to learn about the analytics of polling. 

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