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Create a Vudoo Form
Create a Vudoo Form
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A Vudoo form is an element you can add to an overlay. Use them to engage viewers, capture user data or get sign ups to a database or subscription. You can create either a Vudoo form or Salesforce form.

To create a Salesforce form, you must be a Salesforce customer and use the Vudoo integration within Salesforce. To learn more, click here. 

To create a Vudoo form, go to ‘Interactions’ on the edit panel to the right of your video. Choose ‘Add a checkpoint’ and click the blue ‘Create overlay’ button.


Click here to learn more about how to add an overlay to your video

When you’re within an overlay, select ‘+ Add element’ and choose the ‘Vudoo form’ option. At the top of the edit panel, you will see three tabs: Settings, Fields and Action.


Under this tab you can set up your form.

  • Name your form—this will be helpful when looking at the video analytics. 

  • Enter the email address where any form submissions should be sent


This lets you select four types of fields with different purposes:

  1. Short text field Use this to add a single line of text

  2. Long text field Add a bigger block of text

  3. Dropdown list Add a dropdown menu

  4. Disclaimer Add a checkbox disclaimer

  • Add as many fields as you need for your form

  • As you add each field, it will appear in the editing panel under ‘Edit form fields’. This is where you enter the information and action for each field

  • You can also use ‘Edit Form Fields’ to re-order (using the cross symbol) or delete (using the bin symbol) your fields.

Editing short text fields

  • Click ‘Add text’ or the pencil symbol to enter the information and select ‘Return’ when you’re done

  • Use the dropdown menu to choose an action for this field: ‘Required’, ‘Hidden’ or ‘None’

Editing long text fields 

  • Click ‘Edit long text’ or the pencil symbol to enter the information and select ‘Return’ when you’re done

  • Use the checkbox to make this field ‘Required’ or leave unchecked to make the field optional

Editing dropdown lists 

  • Click ‘Option’ or the pencil symbol to define the selections on your dropdown list.

  • Under ‘Edit options’ you can create your own custom selections or choose common demographic options from ‘Pre-defined list’ 

  • Select ‘Return’ when you’re done

  • Use the checkbox to make this field ‘Required’ or leave unchecked to make the field optional

Editing disclaimers 

  • Click ‘I have read…’ or the pencil symbol to edit the disclaimer text. 

  • You can also choose how your disclaimer will display:

  • No action The disclaimer will appear as simple copy and checkbox. Enter the text that should appear in the copy and select ‘Return’ when you’re done. 

  • Link out The disclaimer will link to an external page. Enter the URL where prompted. Select ‘Return’ when you’re done. 

  • Pop up The disclaimer will pop up within your overlay. Enter the text that should appear in the pop up. Select ‘Return’ when you’re done. 


This tab lets you customise the call-to-action button and action.

  • Button text Choose the text and alignment of your button

  • Button colour Select your preferred colour for the button

  • Submission message Enter the text viewers will receive when they submit the form

  • Attach a file to your form You can attach a file that will automatically download once the viewer has successfully submitted the form

  • Link out will allow you to enter a web link to be added to your form. Any links inserted here will be shown under your thank you message once the form is successfully submitted. Edit your link in the options below

Once you’re happy with the form, select ‘Set & close' 


When a form is submitted, the data is captured by Vudoo and is accessible to you as a downloadable CSV file.

Click here to learn how to view and understand the results. 

[HELP] Still stuck? Our friendly team is on hand to help at <>  or call 1300 4 VUDOO.

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