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Understand your video settings
Understand your video settings
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Understanding your video settings can be beneficial throughout many times of the editing process, it's important you know how to get to the video settings. 

Video settings sit next to the thumbnail component. Click on the tile that says “ video settings”. 

Edit the name of the video:

  •  Click and type in the bar that says Title.


You can also include some notes about the video here, these notes are for internal purposes only. 

The next segment in the drop down menu is called Player Styler. When you click this it will open up a section that allows you to change the font and colour of your player. You can also choose to show the player control bar or turn the control bar off by clicking on the toggle option available. By turning the video control on, viewers will not be able to skip through the video. 

The last segment of the video settings is the  Video Info. This is where information such as width or height and duration of the video sits. These can be important to take note of because they are helpful to be aware of when uploading the video to your website or blog. 

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