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Access low-level video performance results
Access low-level video performance results
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For a high level look at your results, click here. 

Once you’ve published an interactive video, you’ll want to know how it’s performed. Here’s how to take a dive into the data.

In your dashboard, hover your cursor over the relevant video. Click on ‘Results’ in the right hand corner to go to the ‘Performance overview’ page. Here you’ll see five sections:


  2. Interactions 

  3. Social 

  4. Form Submissions 

  5. Geo 

For a more detailed breakdown of each section, click on the heading. For example, click ‘Interaction’ to get more data on your video’s interactions.


Here you’ll find five different insights into your video’s views. 

  • Total views: This is the number of times people watched the video, including repeated views. 

  • Unique views: The distinct number of individuals who watched the video during the specified timeframe. 


Comparing total views and unique views gives you an insight into audience behaviour, ie. are viewers watching more than once? If both numbers are similar, it indicates that each unique viewer watched the video once.


To see where the views are coming from, click ‘Filter by’ at the bottom right of Total views or Unique views, then select your preferred filter. 

  • Average view time: The average time viewers watched and engaged with the video. 

  • Complete: The percentage of viewers who watched to the end of the video. 

  • View retention: Tell you how long viewers are watching and the point in the video where they tend to drop off. 


Here you’ll find five different insights into your video’s interactions. 

  • Total interactions: This is the total number of times viewers engaged with your pins, checkpoints and overlays.


To see the breakdown of each type of interaction, click ‘Filter by’ on the bottom right and select the type of interaction. For example, if you select ‘pins’, you’ll see the exact number of interactions for the pins only.

  • Outbound clicks: The number of times viewers have successfully converted out of the video using link in a pin or a button in the overlay. 


To see where those conversions happened, use ‘Filter by’ to filter conversions by pins or overlays only.

  • Interaction rate: The percentage of viewers who are interacting with the video.


A higher the interaction rate means more of your viewers are interacting within the video.

  • Bounce Rate: The percentage of viewers who watched the video without engaging in any interactions. 


Here you’ll get a breakdown of the views and interactions by social channel, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can use the filter on the bottom left to filter the results by time period, to see the performance in the last day, week, month or total time since you published the video.


This is where you’ll find any data collected from forms that you included in the video. The data can be exported as a CSV file by clicking ‘Form options’ on the bottom right. 


This map gives you a breakdown of where your views are coming from, by location. You can explore locations by using your mouse to drag the map or use the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons in the top left corner to zoom in and out. 


Hover over the geo spots on the map to see the number of people at that location who viewed the video.  

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