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Access high-level video performance results
Access high-level video performance results
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Once your video is published, Vudoo analyses the video’s performance. These results enable a deeper understanding of how viewers are connecting with the video. 

There are 5 sections in which the performance overview is divided. 

The first one is views:

The views component allows you to see the exact number of viewers who watched the video within the timeframe that you select. 

You will see;

Total views: The total amount of views all together. 

Unique views: The amount of individual views of the video. 

Complete %: Number of viewers who watched the video from start to finish. 

If you are interested in seeing when each individual view occurred on the graph, just hover over with your mouse on the particular spot you’re interested in and it will provide you with the exact date that the view occurred. 

The next component of the results is Interactions: 

These results allow you to track how your audience is engaging with your interactions. The interactions can be a mixture of pins and checkpoints however you can only see the total of the pins and checkpoints together, you will not see an individual breakdown of a pin or checkpoint. 

You will see;

Interactions: This consists of both checkpoints and interactions as the total aggregated views. 

If you are interested in seeing when a viewer clicked on an interaction, you can hover over a point in the graph and it will provide you with the date.

Outbound Clicks: The outbound clicks indicate when a user has clicked on the checkpoint that has then taken them to another link. 

The third component of the results is social:

The social aspect of the results provides a breakdown of views and interactions by different social media platforms, (Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter). Using the graph for the social results is the same concept as the views and interactions graphs. You can click on social media channels that you don’t want to see, and the view of the graph will change to displaying just the social media channels that you are interested in. 

The next aspect of results is form submissions:

If you have used the form capability in your video, this will be where you see how they have performed. There will be a number display of the Total Submissions of the form and a graph that indicates when a form has been submitted. 

The final component of the results is Geo:

This section of the results will indicate the general locations of where your viewers are. Essentially, it’s a breakdown of your views via location. 

Using the map is really simple. All you have to do is use your mouse to drag the map and see different locations in the world. Alternatively, you can use the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons in the top left corner to zoom in and out of the map. 

The further you zoom in, the more precise the location becomes. 

TIP: Hovering over the geo spots on the map, will give you the number of people who viewed the video in the specific area.  

TIP: When analysing the results, you have the capability to see an overall view of the results or select the key components in which you’re interested in. 

For example, when you’re looking at interactions, you may only be interested in the number of total interactions and not interested in seeing the number of outbound clicks. If this was the case, you can simply click on the tile called ‘Outbound clicks’. This will eliminate the outbound clicks, making the graph only display the interactions. 

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