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Once you have set up your Salesforce integration on your video account (click here to learn how to set up the integration), you are ready to start using the Vudoo Custom Activity  in your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey’s. 

  • If you are familiar with Salesforce Marketing Cloud you will know that when  you’re starting to build a journey, your screen will look like this: 

  • You must start by selecting a Entry Source and then dragging Activity icons into your Journey 

  • On the left-hand side under “Activities, there is a ‘Custom’ section at the bottom. This is where your custom activities live and you should see the Vudoo Custom activity icon.

  • To add in a Vudoo activity, select the Vudoo icon, and drag and drop it in the place of the journey that you wish the Vudoo activity to appear. 


It is recommended that also add a ‘Wait by Duration’ activity before your Vudoo activity. Dropping in the Vudoo activity without a  wait activity (Control Flow)  will result in a “Placement Issue”. This wait time is set to allow a specific amount of time for the recipient of the journey to interact with the Vudoo Activity. E.g. View/interaction with video.


A wait time placed after the Vudoo Activity represents the time duration before Salesforce Marketing Cloud will collect the results of the Vudoo Activity and populate the journey with the results 

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