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Customising your data is an important step in building your journeys in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. By personalising the labels in the videos, it is likely to increase engagement. 

  • To customise the data, click on the Vudoo activity, it will automatically log the marketing cloud user into Vudoo. 

  • Your view will show a list of your videos that are linked to your Vudoo account

  • The videos that are eligible to be selected will be identified when hovering your mouse over the video, a blue button will appear saying “Select”. 


If you can’t select a video, it means that there are no interactions within the specific video.  If you are wanting to learn how to add interactions within your videos, click here. 


The interactions that are integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud are pins and labels - because they can be personalised. A checkpoint cannot be personalised. 

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