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Personalising the interations within a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journey will create a more engaging experience for the audience and allow for tangible data to be collected. 

  • Select the video that you are wanting to customise and click next.


  • Personalising your pins will relate directly to the interactions within the video. All the pins that can be personalised will appear like in the image above.

  • In the open field (which appears below), this is where you will be able to personalise the pins. 


Data extension is the contact builder where all the data collected from each waiting period will be. 


The data extension that is attached to this journey is a customised database of the audience that watched this particular video. It connects to a list of users amongst the video.  

  • Inside the data extension, there are numerous fields. You can see this by clicking on the “Fields” drop down option. 

  • Begin writing your sentence that you want to have personalised and click on the fields that you want to include. 


When you personalise the pin, you will replace the original ones with the new ones. Meaning, the viewers will now see the updated pins instead of the original ones. 

  • Click on “Done”. It will apply all the changes to the pins in the Vudoo database, creating an image called a content block. These content blocks are used for the email sends.  

  • When activating the Vudoo path of the journey, Salesforce Marketing Cloud will generate different paths that users will likely follow. These are automatically generated and will range from ‘No Reach” which is no interactions within the video at all, to “Reached Any” which is when a user has clicked one more than once. 


When analysing the journeys, you can begin to target your audience depending on how they interacted with the video. 

  • With each path, you can place another Vudoo video and send out another email showing the video and the process of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud can begin again directly stemming from one path.  

  • If the data is not available within the data extension, it will resort back to the original pin label.  

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