Integrate Vudoo with your Viostream Video account in just a few steps.

First your Viostream dashboard

  1. Login to your Viostream video dashboard as an administrator

  2. In the top right profile menu, click "Manage this account" to enter the "Account manager" page.

  3. In the left hand sidebar menu that is displayed in this page, click the "Developer" menu

  4. In this page you'll see "User" and "Key" values

  5. Copy and paste the "User" and "Key" credentials in a safe place, we'll need these values in the next steps for your Vudoo instance.

Now over to Vudoo

  1. Login to your Vudoo instance, this may be as any user

  2. In the top right profile menu in your Vudoo dashboard click "Integrations" to enter the Vudoo integrations page

  3. Find the "Viostream widget" and click the "Add integration" button 

  4. In the popup window enter your Viostream "User" value in the "API Key" input field then enter your Viostream "Key" value in the "Secret Key" input field

  5. Click the "Add integration" button in the Vudoo popup window

That's it, you should now have a connection between your Vudoo and Viostream instances. If you had any issues with trying to add this integration contact your Vudoo administrator we'll be glad to help step you through it.

Important note: After your successful integration, be sure to dispose of your Viostream "User" and "Key" credentials and do not share them with anyone.


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