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After successfully configuring your Vudoo Custom activity, the next step is add an Email activity and include the Video Selected (Vudoo Custom Activity) into your Email Activity message.

  • Add an Email activity to the start of your journey’s activities

  • Click the Email activity icon to select your message.

  • Once you have selected an email template as your message, edit the message to include your Video thumbnail. This can done from within Journey Builder or beforehand in Email Studio

  • Include your generated video thumbnail (Content Block) in your email


The specific content block to use as your video thumbnail (image block) will have the same ID as the one shown on the Vudoo Custom activity label. This is why it is important to configure the Vudoo Custom activity before composing your email message.

  • Once you have completed building your Journey and set a Schedule, click on the “Activate” in the top right-hand corner. 

  • The journey will now be validated. You will know when the journey has been activated correctly be you will see a pop up saying “Activation Successful!”

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