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End Actions and Publish Video
End Actions and Publish Video
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Assigning an end action to the video is straight forward.
The end actions tab sits next to the interactions tab. 

You have three options for end actions. 

  • Loop This Video: Once your video has finished, the video will continue to loop until your viewer exits the video or interacts with it.  Assign a specific time, in seconds, that the video will loop from.

  • Assign another video to start playing automatically after the first video ends. To have another video play automatically, it needs to be uploaded within Vudoo.

  • No end action - Once the video ends, nothing happens. 

Now just to publish the video!

There are four publishing options:

  • Link; Click on Copy Link and then use that in your browser. It’s a direct link to the video you just made.

  • Embed; Provides you with the code you need when embedding the video on your website or in a blog/newsletter. Copy the code by clicking on the blue ‘Copy” button. 

  • Publish your video via email; Type in the email address you wish to send it to and click the send email button. 

  • Publish your video on social platforms; Video is not native to social media, however you can share the link on socials to gain interactions. 

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