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A pin is a clickable pulse, label or invisible hotspot that you can add to a video to make it interactive.

  • In your dashboard, find the video you wish to add a pin to and click ‘edit’

  • Click on ‘Interactions’ in the editor to the right of the video

  • Click ‘Add a pin’ to go to the pin settings where you can choose the settings, style and action of your pin


This is where you set the position and type of pin.

  • Firstly, choose the time your pin will appear and end. You can drag the indicators on the slider underneath the video or manually enter the start and end times in the editor

  • Next, drag the pin into position on the screen where you want it to sit

  • Give your pin a name. This is particularly recommended if you’re adding more than one pin

  • Now select the pin type:

  • Pulse adds a pulsing dot on the video indicating where to interact

  • Label allows you to add more detail to your pin with text and icons

  • Hotspot is a transparent area that makes that part of your video clickable


A pulse and label can work well together. We suggest using Hotspot as a standalone interaction 


Once you’ve set up your pin, it’s time to customise it.

  • Label Text adds the words viewers will see on your label. Type up to 40 characters of information, instructions or copy. You can customise the font type and colour, too

  • Label Styles change the look of your label. Just click on your preferred style to select

  • Pulse lets you customise your pin. Make it visible or not, choose the position of the label relative to the pulse and change the colour using the colour panel or enter the hex code of the colour you want

  • Icon lets you select the look of the pulse and customise the colour of the icon from the colour panel or by entering the hex code


Now decide what you want your pin to do.

  • Overlay acts as a virtual fact sheet that pops up within your video. To learn more about this, click here

  • Link to video sends viewers to another video you have uploaded to Vudoo. Click on the drop down menu and choose from the videos in your account. You can take viewers to a specific point in this video by entering the start time where indicated

  • Link out connects viewers to a webpage, email or phone number. Choose an option and then enter the relevant URL, address or number. Clicking the pin will send viewers to the website, create a draft email or load the number in their device’s dial pad

  • Jump to takes your viewer to a different frame within the same video. Just input the point in the video in minutes and seconds

  • No action means nothing happens when the pin is clicked

Once you’ve created and customised your pin, there are some important steps:

  • Save changes by clicking ‘save pin’ at the bottom of the editor

  • Once you’re happy with your pin, select ‘Publish pin’ to make your interaction live. Anyone watching this video will now see the pin.

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