Planning your interactive video content: The seeds of success for your interactive video are sewn in the initial planning phase. There are three areas to consider:

  1. Strategy 

  2. Content

  3. Distribution

Let's dig a little deeper into what these mean. 


What is your objective? Outline the aims and goals of your content. Make sure your objectives are measurable and achievable within a reasonable timeframe. It helps to break big objectives down into smaller goals.


Objective: To increase user engagement via the blog

Goal 1: Promote the blog on social media 

Goal 2: Create eye-catching content to drive engagement for a campaign 

Goal 3: Gain insights to inform future strategy (this may start with a target number of click throughs) 

A clear objective underlined by achievable goals gives you a clear pathway to achieving your strategy and will inform where to introduce and implement video content. 

What does success look like for your strategy?  Consider how you measure success and understand what metrics are important—these metrics will identify how well you’ve achieved your objectives. Perhaps you want to see a percentage increase in the minutes watched per video, you may want more traffic to your website or to get a certain number of sign-ups to your blog. 


What creative resources do you need? Determine what you need to create the videos to suit your strategy. The Vudoo team can work with you to brainstorm effective ways to incorporate video interactivity. Consider things such as:

  • Clear messaging 

  • Eye-catching graphics or animations 

  • Clever copy

Understand what assets you’d like to include in your videos, such as images or copy related to a particular campaign. 

Do your interactions align with your brand? Customise details like fonts and colours for content that is consistent with your brand. 

Do the interactions add value? Interactions should enhance the experience so ask yourself how you can add more value to the viewer using interactions? Consider what information is useful and create interactions that are relevant, intuitive and helpful. 

Have you included appropriate calls to action? Think about what you want your viewer to do during and after the video. Get in touch with the Vudoo team to workshop ways to build effective calls to action.



How will you distribute your video? Where you serve your video—social media, your website or blog—affect the viewer experience. Where you share the videos may affect how viewers use interactions. A helpful approach is to create different versions of the video with interactions for different platforms. 

What's your distribution budget and who manages the schedule? Consider two factors when planning distribution of video content. Firstly, your distribution budget will affect how widely you can distribute your video. Secondly, identify someone to manage the schedule and understand where and when content is to be published. This timeline will help you plan your video. 

Still stuck? We’ve got you covered!  Our friendly team is on hand to help at <>  or call 1300 4 VUDOO.

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