About Vudoo

Vudoo changes the rules of engagement for video, turning passive viewers into active audiences. Using pioneering technology, you can effortlessly build, design and automate interactive videos to deliver a creative, immersive experience. 

Research shows that people watch interactive videos longer compared than traditional videos. 

By effortlessly facilitating user interactivity and engagement, interactivity changes audience behavior. Vudoo helps deliver business objectives using cutting-edge, in-the-moment technology.


  • Self-serve: Making an interactive video, optimising it and measuring performance is controlled entirely by you, with support from Vudoo

  • Creative control: Customise interactions to fit a corporate identity, with brand-specific colours, copy and template design

  • Reporting Views: interactions and conversion performance are measured in real-time, by media channel, device and/or location

  • Real-time refinement: Adjust your calls-to-action instantly, without the need to re-distribute a video

  • Versatility: Interactivity can be applied to any video content: brand and product advertisements, corporate communications, market research, or learning and development


Vudoo interactive videos can be distributed across owned (e.g. intranet, websites, apps) and paid media channels (e.g. social platforms). Captured data can be served to a client’s relevant CRM, email marketing or database platforms (e.g. Salesforce), via API integration.

Please note that interactivity is not native to Social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, however, Vudoo video links can be embedded within the platforms or included in link-in-bio and swipe-up functions to allow the viewer to select the video and it will open in a new tab to view.

The volume of videos per account is dependent on the licence purchased.  

We’ve got you covered! Our friendly team is on hand to help at <support@vudoo.com>  or call 1300 4 VUDOO.


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