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Managing a dashboard & dashboard settings
Managing a dashboard & dashboard settings
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Managing a dashboard is only in relation to those overarching accounts with divisions of accounts under them. These divisions may be different retail brands, or different sporting clubs. 

When it comes to managing your dashboard, it’s a pretty simple process. 

Your dashboard view will consist of the accounts that you manage (e.g.; all the different retailers within that one group). 

Add a dashboard:

  • If you are wanting to add another division to your view, you simply click on the ‘Add New Dashboard” 

  • Next you need give the new dashboard a name

  • You have the ability to assign a brand logo to the dashboard 

  • You can also add the brand’s primary and secondary colours by typing in their hex colour

  • Once you have added the above details in, click on “Add Dashboard” 

  • Now you will be able to proceed as normal and begin uploading and editing videos. 

Edit a dashboard: 

  • To edit or update any information in regard to a specific dashboard, simply click on the cog that is to the right of the dashboard 

  • Update/edit the information. This may include the name, the brand colours or even an updated logo

  • To save this, click on the “Update” button on the bottom right hand side. 

Delete a dashboard:

  • If you are wanting to delete a dashboard from your account, first start by clicking on the cog to the right of the dashboard that you are wanting to delete, it looks like this (image) 

  • What you will see next is the exact same view as what you would see when adding a new dashboard

  • To delete the dashboard, all you have to do is click on the writing in red that says “Delete dashboard” 

Be careful - deleting your dashboard will delete all your videos, all video data and performance and cannot be reversed. 

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