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Vudoo Best Practices

What Vudoo find is best practice for your video

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Vudoo gives you the power to create compelling and immersive video experiences that look and feel like a seamless extension of your brand and culture. 

Because we created Vudoo, we know a trick or two about how best to use interactions to make dynamic and engaging video content. 

Make the most of your interactions with these handy guidelines:

• Wait 10 seconds into your video before adding interactions. Let viewers settle in so they have time to recognise and react to interactions as they appear. 

• Position interactions in the ‘safe zone’. That way, interactions are visible on all devices. You’ll see this zone indicated when editing. 

• Add interactions every 30 seconds. This is a great way to keep viewers engaged. 

• Only use interactions that link out of the video in the second half. Try to keep viewers in the video and watching your content for as long as possible. 

• Be careful where you place interactive pins. Make sure they don’t obscure faces, text, logos, information or graphics. 

• Add a checkpoint interaction at the end of a video. This helps increase viewer conversions.

Video length:

Sales video - 15-60 seconds

Explainer video - 60 seconds

Product videos - 1-3 minutes

webinars - 15-60 minutes

Landing page - 30 - 60 seconds as the majority of time spent on one page is around 30 seconds. If the video is an explainer video, these will be longer

Email - 40 - 50 seconds

These times really do depend on the goal of the video, the audience of the video and the objectives. No one video and outcome is the same and these should only be used as a reference.

Get ready to change the way you create video. 

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