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Automatically download a PDF attachment or link to a URL after a form is submitted
Automatically download a PDF attachment or link to a URL after a form is submitted

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If you wanted a viewer to fill in a form and provide them with a PDF document automatically gets downloaded or directed to a URL link. This tutorial will show you how it works:

Note: This feature can be used on both the Vudoo form and Salesforce form, and any data captured (like generated leads) will be in Vudoo's analytics. If you would like to capture data on the form and have it linked to Salesforce CRM directly, you will need to:

  1. Use the Salesforce form, not the Vudoo form.

In your Pin or Checkpoint’s Overlay, select Vudoo form.

In the Action tab, you can choose a file (PDF only, up to 10MB in size) to upload from here.

If you would like to add a web link to your form, you can do this from the action tab also. Simply select link out, and enter the web link where prompted. You can also change the name of the link here

Confirm upload by clicking the upload button.

You can replace the file with a different one, or remove it altogether with these buttons here. Once you are done, hit the ‘Set and close’ button.

In the video output, your viewers will be able to fill in the form and press submit.

Once the submit button is pressed, their data is captured and the PDF will automatically be downloaded to their computer.

If the download did not start automatically for whatever reason, the viewer is able to click on the link in the Thank You screen and it will link them to the PDF or URL.

Note: For security purposes, the link expires after 60 minutes.

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