Follow the steps below to Integrate Vudoo with your Brightcove Video Cloud instance in just a few steps.

Create a Video Cloud application

  1. Login to your Brightcove Video Cloud dashboard as an administrator

  2. In the top right "Admin" dropdown menu click "API Authentication" to enter the registration page

  3. In this page click on the button displayed "Register New Application" to open up a new registration form 

  4. Fill in the fields as below

    Vudoo Integration

    Integrated application to connect my Brightcove Video Cloud with the Vudoo interactive video platform

    Select Accounts for Authorization:
    In this section select one account you would like to connect Vudoo too

    Exposed Brightcove APIs
    Select the below checkboxes then click save

The next step is important:

After clicking save on the new application registration, a popup window is displayed and only displayed once. This is the information Vudoo will need to connect your new application. You will need to copy the client id and secret key displayed within the popup and store it in a safe place for use in the next steps.

Note: if you by any chance didn't copy your client secret, you will need to delete the application and the re-create it again following the above steps

Now over to Vudoo

  1. Login to your Vudoo instance, this may be as any user

  2. In the top right dropdown menu in your dashboard view select "Integrations" to enter the Vudoo integrations page

  3. Find the "Brightcove widget" and click the "Add integration" button 

  4. In the popup window enter your Brightcove "Account ID" and also the credentials mentioned in the above steps, then click "Add integration" 

That's it, you should now have a connection between your Vudoo and Brightcove instances. If you had any issues with trying to add this integration contact your Vudoo administrator we'll be glad to help step you through it.

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