When you first get access to the Vudoo platform, the Vudoo team would have already set up most of your account for you. However, here's a quick overview of how your account is structured. 

Accounts and Dashboards 

  • Vudoo accounts are made up of dashboards. Depending on your license, you may have access to just one dashboard, or multiple dashboards. 

  • The dashboard is where you manage your interactive videos, see results, configure brand settings, and set up integrations. 

Users and User Permissions 

  • Every Vudoo account has one Account Owner. You must be logged in as the Account Owner to be able to access all the dashboards within your account. 

  • You must be logged in as the Account Owner to manage account settings, set up dashboards, add or delete Dashboard Users.

  • You can have unlimited Dashboard Users within an account, but Dashboard Users can only access the dashboard they belong to. They can access their dashboard, create, edit, publish, monitor and delete videos. 

Vudoo accounts on a Starter or Standard license can have only one Dashboard. On an Enterprise license, you can have multiple Dashboards. 

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